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Coming August 18th (8pm ET) on Shabbat Night Live What In The World Is Happening? …Before He Returns (Episode 1 of 4)

FRIDAY at 8pm Eastern on Shabbat Night Live, Michael Rood is joined by best selling author Joel Richardson. For the last 20 years, Joel has been called to work among Muslims. Muslims don’t understand the true, biblical “Jesus” kind of love, but we are the people who can demonstrate that to them — wake up and find out how!

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With Islamic influence now firmly seated in the Western world, undeniable progression toward the end times is well underway. What role does Islam play in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy? In “What In The World Is Happening Before He Returns”, Joel Richardson and Michael Rood reveal how to bring the truth of Yeshua into the world until the fullness of the gentiles — including Muslims — has come in. Get this series now, plus 2 more teaching DVDs from Joel Richardson!

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