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Coming October 20th (8pm ET) on Shabbat Night Live God’s Name Is Not Yahweh – Proof from Jewish Rabbis (Episode 4 of 5) – Special Guest: Nehemia Gordon

FRIDAY at 8:00PM Eastern on Shabbat Night Live… Is there a conspiracy among Jewish Rabbis to conceal the name? Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon research a newly found source that proves the name of God is YeHoVaH. We have written proof from 16 Rabbis that the vowels missing from the name of God are Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey. Discover the real name of our Adonai!

PLUS, Kevin Fisher shares the real location of Noah’s Ark. Lab tests, archaeological artifacts, and radar testing have now proven the actual location is not Mount Ararat. There are anchor stones, cave drawing, and headstones that are close by to the real location. Journey with us as we learn more about the Flood that destroyed the world and the name rediscovered.

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With archaeological technology advancing more rapidly than any period in recorded history, an ever-increasing number of ancient Hebrew manuscripts are coming to light — and amazing things are being revealed! Pre-order this series with Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon NOW and you’ll also get Nehemia’s book “The Hebrew Yeshua vs The Greek Jesus” plus a copy of the “Hebrew Gospel of Matthew” at $20 off!

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