Los Evangelios Cronológicos

¡La serie tan esperada de Michael Rood, Los Evangelios Cronológicos, finalmente está aquí! Después de dedicar décadas a investigar los textos originales de la Biblia, Michael encontró verdades fascinantes. A través de su comprensión de los antiguos textos hebreos, griegos y arameos, Michael ha logrado una hazaña extraordinaria: organizar el ministerio del Mesías, cronológicamente.

Usando este texto (La Biblia de Los Evangelios Cronológicos: La Vida y el Ministerio de Setenta Semanas del Mesías) como la base de su enseñanza, Michael nos lleva en un viaje a través del increíble ministerio de Jesús (Yeshúa). ¡Combinado con la propia historia cautivadora de Michael, usted no va a querer perderse un solo episodio!

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Michael Rood

Michael Rood is an author, historian, teacher, broadcaster, and life-long student of the Bible — a most unique “Biblical Chronologist”.

His dig site is the Bible, and his tools are research skills gained from decades of Biblical study and the unique experience of living in Israel, surrounded by authentic-yet-dismissed historic sites that hold archaeological proof of the Bible’s most fantastic stories.

Rood’s live teachings and video presentations showcase some of the most intriguing and controversial discoveries about the Bible in modern history, all with one purpose in mind: to reveal the TRUE Gospel of the Kingdom.

Your faith will be renewed as Michael deciphers the parts of Scriptures that have been clouded by misunderstanding, leaving them open to refutation by non-believers and even well-intentioned scholars. Delving deep into the heart of the Scriptures to discover what is expected of us, God’s people, Michael illuminates the Bible from cover to cover in a way you’ve never experienced.

If you’ve been desperate for “something more,” be prepared to learn the answers that will change your life, revitalize your relationship with your Creator, and shine light on the evidence that proves the Bible’s veracity.

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